Sorry for the delay! The Erasmus+ project ended in May with a second
group of trainees from Paide’s JKHK, this time we are talking
of 5 girls and boys attending a computer course for adults who, after having followed
the online part of the course, completed an internship in Milan.
There is little to add other than giving the floor to the interns who wrote me their impressions
Disclaimer! No student was bribed or threatened 🙂
I’ve had a wondertul time in Milan, most memorable thing about Milan is the Duomo
cathedral, it is incredibly beautiful.
While I was in Italy, I also got the chance to visit Torino, Verona, Como and other cities.
All those places are so beautiful. I was very taken with Torino, so far, it’s my favourite city in Italy.
I would like to visit Italy again and discover other places and things to do and enjoy.
The whole experience was good, I got to practise my english skills, learned some italian phrases and learned
so much new about Italy, the food, people and the culture here.
Studying in Milan has been different and very good experience. We really liked our teacher Alessandro, he is really helpful and positive.
We learned so many new things from him, he is a great teacher. The students were also very helpful and friendly.
I’m very happy came here and took part of this program.
It has been a very positive experience.

I think I have a more than wonderful experience here, in Italy and Milan.
l have a lot of positive memories here in Milan and especially I like Duomo cathedral.
I think it is the most beautiful cathedral I ever saw.
Also I have a chance to see around Italy, visited some nice cities and places. I have visited Bergamo, Como, Genova, Alessandria and Torino.
Especially the last one, Torino was for me the greatest place and held the real Italian spirit.
I can say that I just fell in love in this city. I really want visit Torino again and also Italy.
I visited a lot of markets and cuisines and been touched of food,
handmade things, clothes, smells and music. I learned italian a little bit more and like to continue with it. Also culture and rhythm of life is really nice here.
I feel myself here really as at home. Also I have a good practice with English. I think this experience to live a month in another country open for me a lot of new points of view and give a curage for more travelling. I have more open mind and interest to discover the word in bigger picture as well.
Our teamleader Alessandro was really nice and good teacher. I just admired his calmness and good sense of humour and also good knowledge as well. It was really good to have this practice with Alessandro.
All this programs and experience here was absolutely positive and I’m really thankful for that I was a part of it.

I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity, interesting experience and above all for a great teacher that made teaching quite fun and understandable for tasks we haven’t learned or experienced before.
Even though the subject was tricky at many times due to using different methods and languages interchangeably, i feel as though this task gained valuble information to the eye and brain that the future me will benefit from.
It was great fun visiting Milano and its surrounding cities like Cremona, Turin, Como to see what Italy is like outside the industrial bubble. Now there is more to see in the middle and south of Italy to see what that life is all about.
I think next time I need to try more authentic Trattorias and less pizzas.
My wallet cries from all the fabric I’ve purchased, but atleast my mind is in peace and I can bring back home more than memories. The fabrics will become new memories and experiences that wait for Italian tailors to do its magic.
But that story begins when it starts pouring money from the sky instead of rain.
If Alessandro ever gets too bored (unlikely with Italian children), hes free to pack his stuff for an Estonian erasmus, but this time for a year till we finish the school